Preakness in the books: Next up, Belmont Stakes

California Chrome En Route to the Triple Crown

So California Chrome just won the Preakness. He won the Kentucky Derby two weeks earlier. If he wins the Belmont Stakes on June 7th, he wins the Triple Crown. which hasn’t been done in 36 years. Interesting that it’s been that long in such a one-dimensional sport. But I guess that’s what makes it so exciting. I literally walked into my TV room 2 minutes before the Preakness, I bet on a horse, and became so emotionally invested by the end that I almost vomited. I don’t know what happened, I blacked out. It was electric. Horse-racing is doing it right. Horse-racing is tight.

But will he be able to compete in the Belmont Stakes? 


  • The New York State Gaming Commission will allow California Chrome to wear his nasal strips (for health reasons) while competing the Belmont Stakes
  • If you didn’t know, Chrome was reportedly not going to be allowed to wear the nasal strips and the owners had therefore said he would not participate in the race; there is a New York state law prohibiting the use of the strips
  • Chrome has worn these strips in his last six victories

Little bit confused on the legality of this. He needs the nasal strips because they ‘allow horses to breathe more freely and reduces the risk of bleeding in the lungs during heavy exertion.’ What? Yeah, and steroids allow baseball players to get stronger and reduce risk of not hitting the ball far.

Hey Chrome, if your lungs can’t handle it, kick rocks buddy. Hope you brought enough nasal strips for everybody.

Source: CNN


They interviewed Michael Phelps at the Preakness this year, and apparently he’s about collar-bone deep in the horse-racing game. But not quite all the way in. He talks about how he’s thinking about buying a horse and whatnot. Outfit was perfect. And he knew it. Guy did life way too right. 18 golds, 2 silvers, a bronze, and a race-horse? Next question. Long live Phelps!


phelps preakness


PS- Ugh, who was responsible for keeping an eye on California Chrome’s jockey’s brother this time? Jose Espinoza is a serious liability. Sat in the wrong section again. Calm down and take a look around, Jose. Goodness. 


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