Portland, Maine has a snow pile so tall it’s affecting airplanes

It’s no secret that New England has gotten a lot of snow this month. CNN has a reporter on every block in Boston reporting on how many truck loads of snow are evacuated from the city each hour, Buzzfeed had to do a list, and Portland, Maine has had to create a second “snow dump” because their first is approaching FAA violation height.

That’s right: if Portland’s first snow pile gets any higher, officials are concerned it will begin to affect the landing and takeoff of nearby planes.

“It can send a signal that there is some sort of structure there, and it could affect their instrumentation as they land and possibly even take off, as well. So we’re mindful of that,” Portland Public Services director Mike Bobinsky told WCSH-TV. 

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I like snow. A lot. Every time there are reports of new snow I get excited. I don’t know if it’s the middle schooler inside me still clinging to the excitement of snow days or if it’s some deep, hidden enjoyment I get out of other’s hate for it. But I like snow. Love it. But even this alarms me.

If you’ve paid attention to the aviation situation in Asia this year, then you know that no one should be messing with airplanes. Not right now. They’re too fragile. They’re dropping like flies. Sure, this phenomenon has stuck mostly to a different hemisphere, but you don’t tempt fate. You don’t antagonize the devil. You don’t look homeless people in the eye. All of these easily avoidable actions lead to bad karma.

Hey Portland: I get that you have a lot of snow and it’s difficult to deal with, but let’s mix in a few average-sized snow piles and not one giant-sized one, eh? We’re trying to contain plane crashes to southeast Asia right now, not bring them to New England. Thanks.


PS – Portland is gorgeous in the summer by the way. Gorgeous. It’s probably gorgeous in the winter too I just wouldn’t fly there if I were you.



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