This police officer is the man for doing this

A Michigan police officer’s act of kindness has gone viral.

Officer Ben Hall, from Emmet Township, Michigan is getting a lot of fanfare for being what is otherwise known as “the man.” While on duty last week the officer got a call about a child driving in a car that definitely should’ve been in a car seat, but wasn’t. When he found the vehicle he pulled over the driver, young mother, Alexis DeLorenzo, and asked why the five-year-old didn’t have a car seat? She replied that she couldn’t afford one. Instead of writing her up, Officer Hall said to meet him Walmart. He bought the mother a car seat, snapped a picture and the rest was Internet history.

Source: Buzzfeed Cover Photo Credit: Huffington Post


Walmart Feel Good Scene (Image: Emmet Township Public Safety)


This story is interesting for a few reasons. The first being that police somewhere are getting credit for doing something great. That’s news in itself. Also, because this is usually an automatic ticket scenario. After some thought, I’m convinced I would’ve gotten a ticket in this exact scenario, and there’s a good chance a lot of young dads, brothers, guys, etc. would’ve too. That’s just a hunch. This was clearly a public relations home run, I mean it aired in a story on NBC. It’s a little crazy that acts of kindness like this one aren’t more common in our society and get this much exposure when they do occur. Maybe if the movie Pay It Forward didn’t scar us for life with that traumatic ending we’d be paying it forward a lot more often, like the good officer.

It’s a feel good story.

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