People are saying Americans can’t draw their home states

  • Mashable asked people to draw their home states, and then they drew their home states
  • Mashable thinks the peoples’ attempts were embarrassing, and titled the post “Spoiler: Americans Can’t Draw Their Home States
  • I disagree, and think they were pretty solid
  • In 1861, while states were choosing sides in the Civil War and the Union was strategizing to win, Abraham Lincoln — emphasizing the importance of Kentucky — said, “I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.” He got Kentucky, and they won.

The Take 

I think this title is misleading. Very misleading. They asked people to draw their home states from memory and here’s what the people came up with:

1) Missouri

State_Drawings-101 Missouri

Pretty good.


2) Texas

State_Drawings-102   TexasSil01


Pretty close. If I just saw that shape with no context I would say, “Texas.”


3) New Jersey

State_Drawings-103      nj-outline


Got the general idea. Not perfect, but nailed the main features.


4) Florida

State_Drawings-104     black-florida-hi

Yep. Pretty simple. Got the pan handle.


5) New York (a)

State_Drawings-109-1     NY9


Wtf is wrong with that? Excellent.


6) New York (b)

State_Drawings-106    NY9


Alright. Not phenomenal. Mashable calls it “New York as a T-bone steak.” There are some extracurricular lines involved here, but the overall gist isn’t bad.


7) New York (c)

State_Drawings-107     NY9


Terrible. Mashable: “The Candy Corn New York.”


8) New York (d)

State_Drawings-105     NY9

Eh, not great.


9) North Carolina

State_Drawings-108     nc-outline

Solid. It’s generally all there.


10) Ohio (a)

State_Drawings-110    Oh-Outline


Again, generally all there. Nothing big missing. I don’t have a problem with this.


11) Ohio (b)

State_Drawings-111     Oh-Outline


Eh, kinda have the general shape but missing some key ingredients.



Now, I wouldn’t say “Americans Can’t Draw Their Home States.” I would say, “Americans don’t draw their home states perfectly, but overall they get the general shape and main features, except for a couple people, maybe 20-30%.” That’s not a juicy headline, nor is it particularly concise. But I think Mashable isn’t giving the American public the credit they deserve here. These are pretty good. I dig these.


Suck it, Mashable… MERICA!


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  1. Lexi
    Apr 24, 2014 - 04:22 PM

    If you could please draw your home state by memory and post it on here, that would be very much appreciated. DON’T CHEAT!


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