Paul Ryan shall make no 2016 Presidential bid

This was announced earlier today. Here’s what Ryan had to say.

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided not to run for president. Our work at the House Ways and Means Committee over the next few years will be crucial to moving America forward, and my job as chairman deserves undivided attention.

This surprises me a bit. After his VP bid with Romney in 2012, many of us thought Paul Ryan would throw his hat in the ring for 2016. After all, that’s pretty much what everybody is doing. Every conservative in America is expected to toss their hat in the ring and see what happens for a 2016 Presidential bid.

But not Paul Ryan.

Another potential reason for this? Ryan is just 44. He’s a young gun for the Republican Party. Rather than give it a run in 2016, when he feels he may not have a great chance, it makes sense for him to buy some time, to take a swing down the road.

I don’t mind Ryan, but he doesn’t do much for me. He’s just kind of meh. Vanilla. Maybe in the next decade he can become a bit more flavorful and take a run. I like this plan.

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