Sorry, Oregon

Entering last night, the Oregon Ducks were the #2-ranked team in college football and a heavy favorite to be involved, somewhere, in college football’s inaugural 4-team playoff.

Now? Not so much.

For the second consecutive year, the Arizona Wildcats upset the Ducks. This time, it was in Oregon.

Arizona remains unbeaten at 5-0. And Oregon?

Well, Oregon dusted the very impressive Michigan State 46-27 a few weeks ago; State was ranked 7th at the time. And although they do not play in the SEC (a badge you can hold up to say, Hey we play the best), the Ducks still have a game at #7 UCLA next week and a home game against #14 Stanford on November 1st remaining.

It’s not looking good for the Ducks, but they’re not done yet. They’re going to need some very, very convincing wins… and some serious help from across the country.

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PS – Oregon’s jerseys tho, through the years… starting with last night.





NCAA FOOTBALL: APR 27 Oregon Spring Game






NCAA Football: Tennessee at Oregon

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