OMG Guy In Front Of Rovell On His Vegas Flight Thinks He’s At A Bar!

If you don’t know who Darren Rovell is, he’s a squid sports business reporter for ESPN. He frequently tweets just the most brutal tweets on the internet.

OMG someone on an airplane to Vegas is treating the vessel like it’s a bar? OUTRAGEOUS! How dare he!

Rovell, get fucking real dude. On my last flight to Vegas the couple in front of me was so drunk they broke up and got back together no less than 4 times. And the guy’s mom was sitting in the row in front moderating the whole thing. It was amazing. They didn’t just think it was a bar — it was a fucking bar, for about 6 hours.

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You’re on a flight to Vegas. Get it together. “When in Rome…” Yes, this is one of those situations where you just do what you’re supposed to do based on the surrounding circumstances. Like when you’re on a bus, everybody pretends they’re a mute. No talking. When you’re in an elevator, everybody pretends they just got the 10 most important emails on their smartphone of all time. Glued in. When you’re on a flight to Vegas, you fucking drink and you think the jetplane is a bar.

Christ I can’t believe Rovell has made it this far. What a miracle.


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