Oklahoma worker reportedly beheads coworker after being fired

Not good. A man reportedly beheaded one woman and stabbed another at his former workplace shortly after being fired. The man was then shot by an off-duty police officer. Both the suspect and the woman who was stabbed are expected to survive.

The suspect, Alton Alexander Nolen, is a 30-year-old man who has — according to reports — been trying to convince coworkers to convert to Islam.

Authorities have said that there’s “no immediate indications of link to terrorism,” but this screams ISIS influence. This guy just seems like a lone wolf who, upon following the latest publicized developments and actions of ISIS, thought it’d be cool and right to carry out a beheading at home. It’s sickening, and — like I said yesterday — it adds to the justification of our airstrikes and our action against ISIS in the middle east.

Source: CNN

ISIS’ influence is only going to continue to grow, so we must confront it and do what we must to suppress it. There is no immediate indication of terrorism, but when you hear beheading and Islam in the same story, you really doubt it’s a coincidence.


PS – That Sky News Tweet has 29 favorites; who the fuck is favoriting these Tweets?

PPS – I’ve realized when writing about events, if you don’t have an actual picture of the event you just include a picture of official-looking people at the scene or event and peeps dig it.

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