Okay, so we’re all drawing our home states from memory now

What’s going on

Okay. Yesterday we posted about this experiment with Americans drawing their home states from memory. Well, things have progressed and — naturally — we’re all drawing our home states now.

Let’s see what you’ve got. Find a pen and a piece of paper or napkin, draw your home state from memory, and email, tweet, or text it to us. #sammydashriggsdotcom

Email: sbozoian18@gmail.com | The Twitter: @sammydashriggs or @sammy_riggs

Sammy Boy

My Missouri, ladies and gentlemen:

sammyriggsdrawmissouri    missourioutlinemap


Honestly, I’m impressed. Impressed with myself… not the first time, won’t be the last.

Hard 9/10

The Public
1. The Design Team, California

unnamed-3    img-thing

Pretty solid. But the bar is set higher because it’s the design team; this is what they do.


lol jk — 8.9/10

2. Lurch, New Jersey

unnamed-2   nj-outline

HAHAHAH is that Moby Dick?


Fundamentally, it’s not bad; it’s just kind of NJ 20 pounds overweight and with a maritime mouth.


3. Raul, New Jersey

unnamed-5   nj-outline

Pretty good, actually. Maybe mix in some squiggly lines like everybody else does, but overall very solid. Impressive.


3. DeBORAH, Ontario, Canada (lol, Canada)

unnamed-4        Ontario_silhouette


Had no idea that Ontario looks exactly like a dolphin. But this attempt looks basically nothing like Ontario. I mean, it’s clear that she’s seen Ontario before, and she tried to access that memory, but it’s just not great. And she’s not artistic. Sorry; love you.


4. Glas, Massachusetts

sammyriggsglasdrawmass     massachusettsoutlinemap


Legit. Although I realized that mass is basically just a rectangle with a claw; pretty simple to remember. But solid nonetheless… well done.


5. CampTrin, Massachusetts

sammyriggscamptrindrawmass      massachusettsoutlinemap


Love this. So Mass it hurts. The thing is I think a good chunk of Massholes think that’s exactly what the cape looks like and I kinda respect it.


6. Kyyyyyyle, Missouri

sammyriggskyledrawmo     missourioutlinemap


Eh, solid. Missouri isn’t that hard I guess. But something’s missing here; kinda looks like a drunk square.


7. R-Daddy, Arizona

unnamed-9      AZ-outline


Honestly, when I first saw this attempt I thought it’d be awful. Then I looked at Arizona and it’s shockingly accurate.


8. J-Berg, Massachusetts

unnamed-8     massachusettsoutlinemap


Eh, we’ve established that Mass isn’t too tough. So, with that scale, this isn’t phenomenal. But Mass is tough to really botch.


9. Beats, Massachusetts

unnamed-10    massachusettsoutlinemap


This is another obese state. The main features are there, but this version is just completely out of shape compared to the actual.


10. JBL, Illinois
unnamed    nTB7XkgTA

Not bad. Like Raul’s NJ attempt, this is missing a few squiggly lines. If it were just squiggly instead of straight lines it’d be great. But the main shape is all there.


11. Mike, Quebec, Canada

Picture 1mike attempt  2quebec


It’s okay, Mike. You wouldn’t have gotten it.


 12. Jack-sone, North Carolina

unnamed    nc-outline

Real solid. We’re mostly going on the outline drawing itself, but the added topographical knowledge is hard to ignore.


13. Cheems, New York

unnamed-1        NY9


Excellent. Sometimes it’s tough to tell if these are good reflections of the person’s knowledge of their state’s shape or just reflections of one’s artistic ability. Either way, this is good.


14. Fan of the Game, Virginia


Unbelievable. Best one yet. Could bring in some controversy on the honor system here, we’ll see.


15. Yoni, New York

unnamed-3    NY9


Really leaves a lot to be desired. This looks like a tree branch. Clearly knows the shape, but didn’t care enough to give attention to detail.


 16. McDiesel, New Hampshire

unnamed-1    nh-outline

Splendid. Nailed all of the indentations, crushed the general shape. This one came in with a lot of confidence, and he delivered. Don’t hate that, don’t hate that one bit.


 17. Kyle, Bermuda

unnamed-2       img-thing


Obviously, none of us know much about Bermuda. So that makes this tough. However, the inclusion of the compass makes me love this, and a quick side-by-side comparison looks real solid. I like it.


18. Sean-o, Bermuda

unnamed     img-thing


Again, Bermuda is tough. But, once again, the extracurriculars really make it happen here. We think of Bermuda as exotic and mysterious, and the artist adds to that impression. Which I love.




*Editor’s Note: These are consistently rolling in, so we’ll be adding more and more. Continue to check back.

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