Obama sends casual $4 trillion budget to Congress

USA TODAY — President Obama and his aides will outline a plan Monday to spend trillions of dollars in taxpayers’ money — and no one expects Congress to pass it.

Obama keeps throwing punches. Even when he knows they won’t land, he’s throwing. You have to give him credit, many lame duck Prezzes pack up and slip into the shadows. Not Barry. He’s not going quietly.

In another aggressive move, he unveiled this $4 trillion budget — the largest ever — which includes some new taxes, lots of new spending, and little possibility of passing. In fact, basically zero possibility of passing.

Some peeps like it.

Some don’t.

But nearly all agree that it won’t pass, that that was never the plan.


Obviously I haven’t read through the entire thing. I’ve read bits and pieces. Sure, some of it sounds nice on the surface, but adding taxes and adding expenses rarely flies. Especially with Republicans, who now control the House and Senate.

Honestly a $4 trillion anything is incomprehensible. My budget is like a couple thousand and that’s shocking. That’s often astronomical to me. Now add 9 zeroes to that and you’re in the neighborhood of Barry’s budget. Oh my.

It looks like this: 4,000,000,000,000. That’s a lot. In the words of StarFox, “Good luck.”


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