NFL Reinstating Adrian Peterson (duh)

Yes the NFL will announce that Adrian Peterson is to be reinstated as early as tomorrow. You guys remember Adrian Peterson? He’s the one that whipped his child with a tree branch.

Really there’s not a lot to say here. This was expected and AP has been expected, by all experts and internet experts and fantasy experts and whatever, to play next season. No one is really quite sure where (he could remain in Minnesota), but he will definitely play. Word is that he and his team want to play somewhere else, but Minnesota wants him to stay.

Already, just in typing this much so far, I’m bored to death by this. Fantasy drafts don’t start until August so wake me up then, football. Hit the weights, study the play books and I’ll see you in August.


PS – In related news, Roger Goodell announced that, due to his recent first degree murder conviction, Aaron Hernandez will receive a 2-game suspension for the upcoming season.

I’m not a Funny Or Die fan. I hate them. But this one got me. 

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