New Report Suggests Freddie Gray Broke His Own Neck In Police Van

Take this with a grain of salt, folks.


CNNA Baltimore police investigation into the death of Freddie Gray found no evidence he died as the result of injuries caused during his arrest, according to CNN affiliate WJLA, citing “multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the police findings.”

The sources quoted by WJLA said the medical examiner had determined Gray’s death was caused by catastrophic injury after he slammed into the back of the police transport van, “apparently breaking his neck; a head injury he sustained matches a bolt in the back of the van.”

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Now, the obviously difficult part about these cases is that those with the evidence, with the information, with the many, many different pieces of the puzzle that tell what truly happened, are in cahoots to protect themselves. The police have the information, they know what happened. So, if what happened was their fault, they’re not going to tell us. They’re going to hide that as best they can. This is rattling, as we may never get the truth.

Our biggest hope is that whoever is in charge is morally superior. Just an all-out high-horse, nothing gets in the way of what’s right kind of guy. The chances of that? Eh, not great.

A member of the Gray family legal team, Attorney Andrew O’Connell, helped clarify one of many questions.

“What I would like to know and what we have been asking for from the beginning are the radio runs that are recorded during these stops,” he said. “Whenever a police officer makes a stop he’s supposed to radio it in. We haven’t seen those. Those are usually the best way to get an accurate picture of what happened during an arrest.”

And the truth is we may never see some of these things. Could Freddie Gray have injured himself inside the van? Sure, that’s possible. But it’s also very convenient, and a difficult thing to disprove. He also could have had his neck broken by a police officer, which could easily never be disclosed.

Regardless of how it happened, no medical attention was given or called for way, way too long. That’s unacceptable, sketchy, and has — if you’ve been living in a cave — led to massive riots in Baltimore.

The plot thickens, folks. The plot thickens.


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