Neighbor Suing Zuckerberg Because, lol, He Didn’t Follow Through On A Contractual Promise

CNN — At a meeting with Zuckerberg’s financial advisors, [Zuckerberg’s neighbor] Voskerician says he offered Zuckerberg a discount [on his property], in exchange for introducing him to his Silicon Valley network of friends and associates and providing referrals to help boost his business.

Voskerician says he agreed to sell for $1.7 million “plus [Mr. Zuckerberg’s] promises of personal referrals and business promotion activities” — promises Voskerician claims Zuckerberg hasn’t kept.

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Classic “fool me once, fool me twice” situation. Hey Voskerician, ever seen The Social Network bro? One doesn’t simply enter into discounted deals with Zuckerberg and walk out with his fair share. Zucks screwed his best friend out of billions because of a stupid Hawaiian-themed party; you think he’s going to hold his end of some agreement to get you business referrals?

Grow up Peter Pan. Count Chocula. You were had by Zucks. You weren’t the first and you won’t be the last. You’re basically a White House intern that dropped your panties for Slick Willy and can’t believe he’s not following through on his promise to put a ring on your finger.

Wake up. You were had by someone that has people for a living. Judge Lucas (not George) needs to throw this one out and slip Voskerician a small piece of paper that reads, “Be better.”

Case closed.


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