NATO Intercepts Russian Warplanes Because Putin

Putin just won’t quit. Guy has been going full HAM for over a year now. A year ago, he invaded Ukraine immediately after the Olympics and the whole world left Russia. Last week, he put Russia’s northern fleet on “full combat alert” in response to allied forces conducting military drills in eastern Europe.

Now, we’ve got NATO intercepting Russian jets nearing Latvian airspace. It happened overnight Tuesday as Estonian (Estonia is a real country? Interesting) radar detected the jets over the Baltic Sea.

The incident comes at an awkward time, as Putin was in Moscow today celebrating the one-year anniversary of the annexation of Crimea (Ukraine), which NATO has strongly condemned as an illegal territory grab.

CNN writes:

The exercises have rattled nerves in nearby NATO states, including Latvia, where U.S. troops and equipment recently arrived for NATO training, and where fears are growing about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s next move.

The theme here? Russia is not messing around and is not to be taken lightly. Putin has been aggressively building up the country’s military (it’s still not even in the same ballpark as ours) and has shown little to no hesitation in rattling the cage of NATO forces.

What’s the answer? Perhaps our leadership needs to start booking shirtless horseback photo ops.


Putin; Cover Photo

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