Moscow protests erupt after opposition leaders sentenced to prison

MASHABLE Navalny, a leading foe of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found guilty of fraud andgiven a suspended sentence of three and a half years on Tuesday, while his brother was sent straight to prison.

“The government isn’t just trying to jail its political opponents — we’re used to it; we’re aware that they’re doing it — but this time they’re destroying and torturing the families of the people who oppose them,” he said, calling for people to attend the protest on Tuesday evening.

Hours after the ruling, Navalny himself appeared alongside protesters at Moscow’s Manezhka Square in defiance of a house arrest order — and was quickly detained by Russian authorities for breaking the terms of his house arrest.


Putin gonna Putin! One minute Ukraine is protesting, the next minute Ukraine is invaded by Russia. One minute Obama is sanctioning Russia, the next minute Russia displays a laser show of Obama eating a banana.


One minute Navalny is opposing Putin, the next minute Navalny and all his relatives are booking one-way trips straight to the slammer. Putin, ladies and gentlemen. Putin.

You think you can mess with this and not be punished? No chance. Zero chance. These protestors will all end up with treason charges by nightfall and that’ll be the end of that. Putin.

PS – The low tonight in Moscow is -1° F with a windchill of -15°. You gotta really believe in something for that.





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