MLB Media, NHL Reportedly Agree To Long Term Digital Deal

I don’t have a lot on this yet, just some tweets in the last hour from Buccigross. Which is all we need, because one can always trust the Bucci Mayne Cat.

Now, I’m not a big MLB streaming guy so I’m not particularly familiar with how good or bad their digital is, but the general word is that it’s phenomenal. It’s “lightyears ahead” of the NHL’s current streaming, according to the twitter.

This Forbes article on MLB Advanced Media from last year delves into the excellence that will be taking over the NHL’s website and streaming services. The articles details that “MLB Advanced Media, the digital tech company of Major League Baseball, is not just about baseball any longer,” declaring that this arm of the MLB empire is “now viewed as the benchmark by which not only other sports leagues do digital media, they’re seen as more media company than baseball.”

As a displaced hockey fan, rooting on the torturous Blues from behind enemy lines in Boston, I’m thrilled by this news. I stream games nightly during the season, both for fantasy reasons, for general enjoyment of the game, and to cheer on Alex Pucking Killorn. And to keep any girl I may be seeing from spending time with me on a week night. For all instances, the current NHL streaming is subpar. Many of the games are non-HD and several, several minutes behind. In today’s digital information age, you cannot be behind. Ever. Not even by 10 seconds. Text messages, tweets and push notifications inform me of games’ events before my “live feed” does, which I pay $50 for.

The presser, as Bucci reports, is set for 3pm tomorrow. We’ll have more on this potentially ground-breaking news then.

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