Mayor Rob Ford has abdominal tumor

Shocking? No. Sad? Yes.

Toronto Mayor Ford has been experiencing stomach pains for months. It became extreme Wednesday night, so was taken to the hospital. After arriving, tests showed an abdominal tumor. More tests are required to determine the specifics on the tumor and its long-term impact.

Source: Mashable

The world’s most controversial mayor is up for re-election on October 27th. However, the official deadline to register for the race is Friday (tomorrow). Many have suspected for months that Rob’s brother, Doug Ford, will replace him in the race.

Rob Ford is 45, and his father died of colon cancer in 2006.


Look, when you decide to live as Mayor Ford lives you enter a give/take agreement with life. Rob Ford frequently exists in a drunken stupor. He admitted to doing crack in said drunken stupor. He’s clearly not been running a rigorous diet/work out regimen combo. When you do these things, you’re taking a lot of fun while giving away health and longevity. That’s just how it works.

For example, here is Mayor Ford just being hilarious Mayor Ford.

Let’s hope Mayor Ford is okay. But let’s also acknowledge that when you live like he lives, you really shouldn’t expect to live forever.

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