Massive Marine Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing On Cali Beach

Big day for helicopters. First we’ve got Newman from Seinfeld landing on the Capitol Building lawn, and now this (from Fox News).

“A Marine Corps helicopter twice the size of a humpback whale made an emergency landing on a Southern California beach on Wednesday, bringing no damages or injuries but leaving an unforgettable spectacle for surrounding swimmers and sunbathers.”


Tough luck for these beach goers. Here you are trying to combat the drought and get near some water on this fine spring day when a military chopper TWICE the size of a humpback whale (that is shocking) hovers in. The worst thing that’s happened to me at the beach was I took off my shirt and discovered I wasn’t skinny anymore — these peeps got me beat.

Good to see no injuries or damages. That’s always nice, especially with aviation’s track record over the last year.


PS – This is how you helicopter bro.

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