Mark Wahlberg to Star in Boston Marathon Bombing Movie

I guess it was only a matter of time (not that much time; the thing happened 2 years ago). Wahlberg will play Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who retired after the attacks, and the story will be told from his vantage point.

Boston native Mark Wahlberg will star in a film about the Boston Marathon bombing and the manhunt that followed, Deadline reported Wednesday.

Wahlberg’s film, to be titled “Patriots’ Day,” is being produced by CBS Films, which linked to the Deadline article from its website.

Source: CNN

I’m never a big fan of these. It’s not that I have a problem with the making of these movies — I don’t think it’s too soon, I don’t think it’s offensive, I don’t think it’s some malicious act of the entertainment industry taking advantage of a tragedy.

Movies are the most visual, most sensory activating method of telling stories that we have. That’s what they do — movies tell stories. So it’s fine.

I just don’t think these stories need to be told in cinematic form. We all remember how the events unfolded over that awful week. We remember the bombings. We remember the images of those explosions on Boylston Street. We remember the manhunt. We remember the backyard boat.

We’re constantly reminded of it all as we’re dragged through the trial of the one remaining terrorist brother. That stuff is all fine — it happened and what currently is transpiring is the societal and legal fallout from when these things happen.

But we don’t need the cinematic version. We didn’t need the cinematic version of 9/11 — we all know what happened. And, in my expert opinion, we don’t need the cinematic version of the Boston bombings — we all know what happened.

Apollo 13? Yep, needed it. Gladiator? Yep, needed it. Boston bombing movie? Nope, don’t need it.


Chills. Fuck off Commodus. We’re coming for you bro.

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