Mark Cuban just tweeted my mind into a pretzel

Mark just tweeted this:

Jesus Christ Mark. It’s Wednesday afternoon. I’m just trying to survive to Friday, to the weekend, and you come out of nowhere making my brain do gymnastics with this tweet. We’re younger and older than our parents and kids at the same time and same age? Yeah. Okay.

So let me break this down. The first part goes, “We are young than our parents were at the same age…” Okay. So if we’re 28 and our parents were 28, we’re younger. Got it.

The second part goes, “but are older than our kids will be at the same age.” Okay. So if we’re 28 and our kids are 28, we’re older than our kids are, but we’re younger than our 28-year-old parents.

Okay. So I believe what Mr. Cuban is telling us is that we continue to stay young longer through the generations.

BOOM. NAILED IT. Sorry, Mark. Try again. That was easy. #EasyButton

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