Lorde burries Diplo on the Twitters

Here’s the saga: Diplo made some Twitter comments about T-Swift’s lack of booty, made a Kickstarter to raise money for aforementioned booty, then Lorde stepped in with a Twitter beat down.

And here comes the smack down.

When it comes to music, I’m indifferent towards all three — although “Shake it Off” is catchy. Very catchy.

Poor Taylor, the innocent country star always gets picked on (remember Kanye?). Good thing for Taylor, Lorde takes shit from no one.

Diplo, you mad bro? You just got called out by a teenager for being a tool; how do you respond to that? And that teenager is significantly more successful than you in the music game.

Few lessons to be learned here: 1) don’t call out T-Swift; 2) Lorde is a total badass.

Sucks to suck Diplo; this one wont be forgotten anytime soon.

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PS – Diplo’s Twitter handle is Baby Daddy?  Maybe rename to Lorde’s Biotch.

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