Let’s talk about eating pizza with a fork & knife vs. with your hands

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio was seen this week in Italy eating his pizza with a fork and knife. Here’s the coverage from the Daily Show:


De Blasio has been put on blast before for eating pizza with a fork and knife. His daughter is clearly fully Team Pizza-Hands, acknowledging the fork and knife absurdity here:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.10.31 PM

Obviously, the consensus in New York is that you use your hands no matter what. I can see how a really floppy slice or something with a ton of toppings requires the fork and knife technique, but if you’re the mayor of New York City, you don’t really have a choice. The mayor of New York City only has a couple rules to follow: (1) you support the Yankees (2) you hold meetings at hot dog carts (3) you eat pizza with your hands. This is America, if you want the job, you follow the rules.

Source: NY Times


Source: Prospect


Source: NY Post


Tough break, Bill.

Let’s get some chatter going. Team Pizza-Hands or Team Utensil?


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  1. Anonymous
    Jul 25, 2014 - 12:58 PM

    Hands. 100% hands. -hans


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