Seriously: Thank You, Fans!

We’re closing in on 5 months since we did the launch thing on March 31st. Remember? I wrote that we’re ‘launching’ because NASA does it and it’s cool. And 5 months later I am ecstatic to say that we are doing OVERWHELMINGLY great.

Thanks to you — my people — and your unwavering desire to consume immature, sarcastic, sort-of-intelligent commentary on current events and general societal happenings, we welcomed over 250,000 unique visitors last month. The general advise we’ve been given is that generating 1,000 visitors per day says a website is doing very, very well; last month we averaged over 8,000.

We have done this with one full-time writer (yours truly), one part-time (and extremely talented) designer, and three other part-time writers. And the fans (that’s you).

We’ve flattered CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin.


We’ve sparred with Golf Channel Senior Writer Jason Sobel. 



We wrote an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge article that reached top 20 on Google, ahead of The New York Times’ piece.


We’ve got a lot more coming, we’ve got some serious work to do, and we’ve got a long way to go. But we’re well on our way.

This probably won’t surprise you, but I rarely come off as a particularly serious person. This could be for a number of different reasons. One of those reasons could be because my two eyes — large, beautiful and blue — constantly look in different directions. Another possible reason could be because a vast majority of the things I say and write, like just under 100%, have at least a sarcastic undertone, if not a blinding facetious blanket. But, despite these facts, I occasionally write with complete seriousness. The following is one of those occasions.


Thank you VERY, VERY much for reading, liking, sharing, and engaging with what we’re doing. It has meant THE WORLD to me, and knowing that what we do makes at least one person laugh, or smile, or become informed on something that they otherwise would not have become informed about, brings me great happiness. That and alcohol (jk).

Seriously. Thank you. You’re awesome. Much love.



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