Let Vox take you through 2014 in 4 minutes

The research firm Echelon Insights tracked 2014’s most tweeted about news stories. 2014_Twitter_news.0

We were on pace with Twitter’s most-tweeted stories of the year, here’s what we had to say:

  1. Russia Invades Crimea: Russian Aggression
  2. Sterling/Clippers Controversy
  3. Hobby Lobby Decision
  4. MH17 : And other flight news
  5. Ferguson Shooting
  6. Ray Rice/NFL Controversy: The Video, Janay Rice, Roger Goodell 
  7. Ebola in the US: Dallas, West Africa, Lab Monkeys, Liberia, Don’t Panic 
  8. Election Day: Marijuana Legalization, John Oliver, Republican Sweep 
  9. Ferguson Grand Jury: Darren Wilson Interview, Eyewitness Testimonies, Breakdown
  10. Sony/Cuba


Source: Vox.com Cover Photo: TheAtlantic.com

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