LeBron not a great subordinate, shoves coach Blatt

Last night, LeBron returned to the Cavs for the first time since mid-December. He was sorely missed, as the Cavs have sucked without him. It didn’t go well.

The Cavs lost 107-100. Kevin Love was benched in the 4th quarter. And LeBron basically threw head coach David Blatt out of the way during a discussion with one of the zebras.

Could you IMAGINE if Tom Brady did this to Bill Belichick? Bill would kill him. He would literally grab him and strangle him to the ground. On the sidelines. Panicked players and media everywhere. No one sure what to do. ESPN cuts to commercial. A disaster.

There is a serious power struggle in Cleveland. This Blatt guy was basically an owner-hire before any owner or any Clevelander on the planet believed LeBron James would come back to Cleveland. He’s a first-year NBA coach. LeBron clearly thinks he has no clue what he’s doing and so he just tosses him out of the way. 

Let’s get metaphorical here and just say that LeBron will metaphorically be pushing this guy right out of his current career path by this summer. LeBron gonna LeBron. 

Cover Photo; ESPN

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