Johnny Manziel to Start Thursday Against The Bengals!

Josh McCown has a rib injury and that means boom, Johnny Manziel has been named the starter for tomorrow night’s Thursday Night Football tilt between the Cleveland Browns (2-6) and the Cincinnati Bengals (7-0).

Browns head coach gave a little more deets into the decision.

“On the short week, we realized that Josh just wasn’t going to be able to get to the point where he could go,” he said in a statement. “Johnny has worked hard to prepare himself. He is excited about his opportunity and we are all looking forward to the challenge.”

Source: ESPN

This will be Manziel’s second start of the season and fourth of his career.

Johnny has had some NFL highlights and lowlights.


So Thursday should be interesting. The Browns are going to get smoked anyway, which gives Manziel a little bit of freedom. But also means he’ll likely look awful and get shit on by the media.


Whatever. Heeeeeere’s Johnny!






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