Johnny Football got in a fight?

ESPN Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was involved in a fight in downtown Cleveland early Saturday but is not listed as a suspect, according to a police report obtained by ESPN.

A Manziel associate, listed as Dana Kirk, told police “the victim attempted to assault his client and he defended him,” according to the police report. Gonos, the alleged victim, told police he was “assaulted by Johnny Football and his entourage” after he tried to approach Manziel as a fan by saying, “I’m the biggest Browns fan ever, I love you, I want to give you a hug,” according to the report.

Ah, Johnny pulled the classic Tim Howard.

Look, people need to learn celebrity interaction protocol. It’s simple: act cool. Just act calm and cool. Don’t freak out. Don’t start crying. Don’t go in for the man-hug on a celebrity athlete surrounded by his “entourage.”

You walk up and you say, “Hey Johnny, how are you? I’m a huge fan and I wish you well. I’d love to get a quick picture with you.”

See how nice and easy that was? If he says no, you walk away, your life completely unchanged from how it was before you ever saw said celeb. If he says yes, you’ve shown the good side of the fan base and gotten a picture.

I’m all about win/wins. My plan produces win/wins. Try it, and stop man-hugging these bro celebrities please. You’re making us all look bad.


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