Joe Biden brings it, declares we’ll follow ISIS “to the gates of hell”

Politics aside, I’m beyond sick of seeing Americans get beheaded and hearing some calculated rhetoric about strategy or references to the unpopular Iraq war. Yeah, I get it… ISIS is a big deal and they’ve got a lot of power and influence and money. Taking them out isn’t simple. And we went into Iraq a decade ago and it didn’t go very well. I get it, and I don’t care.

You don’t cut innocent Americans’ heads off on a weekly basis and taunt their families via email and social media. You don’t execute thousands of people because their beliefs are different from yours. You don’t forcefully circumcise hundreds because they refuse to convert.

We spend more money on our military than THE NEXT 10 MILITARIES COMBINED. I want some butts!


Insert Joe Biden. In the days following Barry infamously saying “there is no strategy” for ISIS and just hours after Barry said we’re now working on a strategy, Biden came out firing. Speaking in New England, the oft quiet Vice President said what I want to hear:

“They should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. Because hell is where they will reside.”

Source: CNN

Saying “hell is where they will reside” is a lot like saying “your face is about to be where my first will presumably exert force.” But I’ll take it. It’s better than “there is no strategy” on ISIS.

If I’m following your logic, Mr. Vice President, and I believe that I am, we want to get these people. Got it. These guys are evil. Got it. Evil people go to hell. Got it. If we want to get these guys, we will need to go to where they reside. Follow. Hell. Reside. BOOM! We’re coming to hell to get you ISIS!



Joe Biden, fer the win.

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