Jimmy Kimmel Won The Fight Last Night Because Jimmy Kimmel Is The Best

Jimmy Kimmel was in Manny Pacquiao’s crew as Justin Bieber last night and, well, he crushed it.



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There are a lot of different TV personalities out there. Many of them are very successful, carry a strong following, make a lot of money. That’s great — good for them. But no one does it for me like Jimmy Kimmel. He doesn’t seem like a try-hard. He doesn’t seem like he’s faking it. He doesn’t seem like he’s forcing it. He just comes off as a sarcastic, dry, funny motherfucker that is who he is. And those are my kinda peeps.

How do you simultaneously be hilarious, make fun of one of the most popular people to make fun of, support an awesome dude and get yourself tons of attention during one of the more popular events of the year? Oh, you go to The Fight in Manny’s corner as a hilarious-looking Justin Bieber. Perfect.


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