Jimmy Kimmel hilariously breaks down ‘Bachelor’ Chris’ incoherent speech

This is very good. If you don’t watch The Bachelor — which wouldn’t make sense because it’s an absolutely hilarious, awkward, emotional train wreck — then I’ll fill you in briefly. Kaitlyn, the girl that’s being discussed, is a bit of a promiscuous, “outgoing,” “friendly” contestant. She hasn’t been afraid to “let it all hang out.”

And, in multiple episodes, she’s gotten an early rose. This signifies that she’s a favorite, is doing well, and that Chris really likes her. One of the girls confronted him on this and his answer was vintage “guy.” Just no clue what to say. Stuttering all over himself.

Beautifully, Jimmy Kimmel breaks it down.


Awesome. I’m glad he wrote it out because when I watched it in real time I wasn’t sure if my volume was low or something. I wasn’t sure what he was actually saying or if he was saying real things that I just couldn’t hear. But nope. He was literally speaking jibberish. Awesome.

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