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Unless you’re a professional photographer, don’t be the person who hashtags “no filter” under a post of a chocolate chip pancake, or worse, a slab of flank steak next to asparagus. Filters are what makes Instagram brilliant, they give smart phone owners the abilities of savvy professionals versed in shutter speeds, f-stops and dark rooms. Make no mistake, #nofilter is a declaration that your skills as a smart phone user (not a photographer) and eye for aesthetic have transcended the other 300 million Instagram users to the level of Better Than. I’d like to personally welcome Instagram’s most recent addition of filters since December 2012, and pray they distract the NoFilterites for a few months and let the pros have at it. In a word, #nofilter, you’re under review. Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua, and Aden… give em’ hell boys.

The Verge:

Today’s update adds more than just the filters, too. There’s a new perspective tool to go alongside the cropping and straightening functionality; comments now appear in real time without the need to refresh each photo page; and you’re finally able to upload slow-motion video. The new version of Instagram will hit both iOS and Android today.

To get a sense of how the new filters will change your photos, we have a selection of images taken and edited by members of the Instagram team that worked on this update. Scroll down to see the pictures before and after each filter was applied.

Below: Examples of Instagram’s five new filters as seen in The Verge article.



Aden “achieves a unique pastel-y look,” according to Instagram. “It works great with portraits, even when there is harsh light.” (Mona Huang / Instagram)




Crema can be used to attain “a creamy, smooth look,” says Instagram. “We named it Crema because it achieves exactly that — both a warming and cooling effect.” (Jon Pottebaum / Instagram)




Instagram says Ludwig offers “a minimalist look of taking away most of the colors and then enhancing light. We named it Ludwig because of the famous minimalist mantra “less is more,” coined by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It works especially great with portraits, architecture, and geometric shapes.” (Chris Connolly / Instagram)




Slumber gives “a retro look of subtle desaturation and hazing,” according to Instagram. “We named it Slumber because the effect is dreamy. It does something especially retro to blacks and blues.” (John Barnett / Instagram)




Perpetua is characterized by “a bluish, green, earthy look like of nature,” says the company. “We named it Perpetua because it’s inspired by the Cape Perpetua national forest in Oregon.” (Tim Lenardo / Instagram)

Source: The Verge Cover Photo: The Verge

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