Illinois trooper is mean, learns he’s being recorded, becomes nice

A lot of people jumping on the hate train for this guy. I get it; he’s a trooper, he’s acting “above the law,” he’s caught, he changes his tune hoping to avoid going on YouTube and having Sammy Riggs write about him. Mission not accomplished.

But people need to get off their high horse and get off this guy’s back. On Facebook, on Twitter, people are commenting like they’ve never done a single mph over the speed limit, like they put their iPhone on airplane mode before putting the key in the ignition. Yeah, right.


I see you all buzzing down neighborhood streets trying to dodge playful toddlers while Snapping selfies and searching for the perfect #tbt. Many of you are the same people sharing this video and pointing your digital finger at this guy demanding a public crucifixion.

Source: Fox 2

Everyone need to just relax, realize we’re all very similar, and channel all that hate into the country of Belgium for the rest of the day.

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