Chinese University Bans Christmas

The Guardian:

A university in north-western China has banned Christmas, calling it a “kitsch” foreign celebration unbefitting of the country’s own traditions and making its students watch propaganda films instead, state media said on Thursday.

The state-run Beijing News said the Modern College of North-west University, located in Xi’an, had strung up banners around the campus reading “Strive to be outstanding sons and daughters of China, oppose kitsch western holidays” and “Resist the expansion of western culture”….

Christmas is not a traditional festival in officially atheist China but is growing in popularity, especially in more metropolitan areas where young people go out to celebrate, give gifts and decorate their homes.

Western culture, particularly in the form of US pop culture, is wildly popular with young, educated Chinese, which occasionally causes discomfort for the generally quite conservative ruling Communist party.

In China, the leaders seem to be painfully unaware of the oppositional behavior disorder/nickname paradox; both of which give people wild uncontainable urges to do things they are told they should not do. The natural tendency is to go against that order, just as the natural tendency is to react to someone’s hatred of their nickname by using it all the more frequently. In their effort to ban Christmas, all the school administrators have done is spike curiosity in the western holiday and drive would-be Christmas parties underground (see: definition of Prohibition). Christmas is an incredible magical time of year, and it doesn’t take a sociologist or an economist to know that in a country with a booming economy, a country obsessed with the purchase of million-dollar dogs, that Christmas, very soon, is going to be very very popular.

Moral of Christmas below:


PS: Kitsch? Come on.

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