How About 38,000 to 100,000 People Are Trapped At a Chinese Train Station

CNN — Being stuck for hours at a train station is unpleasant but even more so if you’re trapped with thousands of other passengers.

Vast crowds trying to head home for Lunar New Year celebrations were stranded at Guangzhou Railway Station, in southern China, after snow delayed at least 22 trains.

Guangzhou Railway Corp said Tuesday that 38,000 passengers were stuck, but China’s People’s Daily said the crowd was much bigger — as many as 100,000.

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When I first saw the headline for this story — which said, “At least 38K trapped in train station” — my first thought was, Wow, how does $38,000 get trapped at a train station? Money can get trapped? Who trapped it there? Can I get trapped there with it and then get untrapped with it? 

But no, it’s not 38,000 dollars. It’s 38,000 humans. That’s BANANAS. When I get trapped at a stoplight with like 6 other cars I’m pissed. Imagine being stuck at a train station with 100,000 other humans?

Train stations are awful too. The worst. Air travel sucks, sure. No one likes it. But at least airports are a place of order and preparation. People that are going to the airport prepare to go to the airport and, thus, are presentable, respectable and civilized.

People that take trains are a complete trainwreck (lol puns). Sweat everywhere. Disorganization. No one knows what track they’re supposed to be at. Luggage is loose and spilling everywhere. Everyone’s late because there’s no security so there’s no need to show up early so everything’s behind schedule. Everyone’s dressed like they slept under the George Washington bridge last night. It’s a complete disaster.

So yeah, it’s funny to sit here and point and laugh at China because this shit only happens there. But deep down I’m feeling real sympathy for these people. Trap me at the airport, the roulette table or the Playboy mansion and I’ll be fine. Trap me at a Chinese train station and I might have to consider the coward’s way out.


PS – Hey trapped Chinese people, it might cheer you up to know that Donald Trump loves you because you buy his apartments for millions.

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