Hillary Clinton To Announce Presidential Bid Sunday (Shocking)

Oh em gee no way.

This has been, in my opinion, one of the funniest stories of the past year. News channels running the “Will She Run?” spots. That’d be like ESPN running “Will The New York Yankees Compete In Major League Baseball In 2016?” spots.

“Hmm, well John, they’re signing players, they’ve signed a coach, they’ve booked a stadium, they’ve made a schedule, they’ve leased concessions… but we’re not sure. What might push them over the edge and decide to play!?!”


Yeah, obviously she’s fucking running. She has a billion point lead on all potential competitors. She’s been running for 5 years now. Her husband is the most popular politician in the country despite his, ya know, “baggage.” Of course she’s running.

Last week the Clinton team made news when they signed a lease for a campaign headquarters-esque building in Brooklyn. There are some fancy rules that state that once you allocate campaign funds for such a lease, you must formally announce your campaign within 15 days.

Thus, here we are. This from The New York Times earlier today.


“The prolonged prologue to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s second run for the White House will reach its suspenseless conclusion on Sunday: The former secretary of state, senator and first lady is to announce that she will indeed seek the Democratic nomination for president.”


And now this shall the our first step onto the ladder of old school slash new school politics. We’ve gonna have a Clinton, we’re gonna have a Bush, we’re gonna have a Paul — none of them will be named Bill, George or Ron. Nope, they’re called Hillary, Jeb and Rand. And they’re different yet the same.

How different? Welp, we shall see. How similar? Welp, we shall see (see what I did there? I gave you absolutely no information while appearing as if I was going to give you some information).

Anywho, in between Jordan Spieth birdies on Sunday don’t be afraid to tune into a news channel and watch Hillary announce her presidential bid — she’ll probably be our next president.

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