High School Football Players Intentionally DESTROY Ref

I have a firm policy on sucker punches and cheap shots and that policy is this: anyone that executes them is a complete scumbag.

Video of a bar fight pops up online and you see a vicious sucker punch? Total scumbag. I don’t care if he “deserved it.” I don’t care about the back story. Sucker punches are for scumbags — if you have an issue with someone, you get their attention, look them in the face, and you settle it. Sucker punches are for scumbags.

A ref is standing in position to officiate a play and you spear him from behind then your buddy does a full body headbutt leading with his helmet? Total scumbag move. Yes, there’s obviously more to the story. But it doesn’t matter. Maybe the ref made a bad call. Maybe the ref was making inappropriate, unprofessional remarks. I don’t know what it was but it was clearly something.

Regardless, you don’t sucker punch anyone no matter what and you don’t spear refs from behind no matter what. Ever. For any reason. These kids were ejected from the game and have been suspended from the team — let’s all hope they get banned from playing football for good. That was just a cold-blooded, scumbag move and there’s no room for that anywhere. Pretty sure Vince McMahon would have frowned upon that in the XFL.


PS – If you’re gonna blindside somebody in football, you do it like this.



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