High School Cop Aggressively Tosses Student Around In Her Desk

Couple things here.


One — The desk deserves some blame. If you remember back to your high school days, those desks — with the chair attached — are impossible to vacate. You must perfect this technique of pushing yourself sideways then up, kind of simultaneously. It’s tough and takes practice. Can be embarrassing after a heavy lunch or if one is wearing several layers in an effort to keep warm during winter’s cold months.

This cop struggling to get this unruly student out of this style desk is partially the desk’s fault.

Two — Being a high school cop sucks. High school kids are the worst. They’re all little shitheads. They think they know everything, think they’re invincible, think they’re going to become a famous athlete/rapper/Kardashian. If you’re a high school teacher, at least you get to deal with a combination of the shitty ones and the good ones. If you’re a cop, you’re only called in when the shit ones are being extra shitty.

Awful stuff. Must be frustrating.

Three  The above being said, this cop’s actions seem a wee bit aggressive. I mean, he was literally dragging and tossing this girl around the classroom. It was actually amazing. I am amazed. How big is she — like 4 feet, 50 pounds? You can be frustrated. You can awkwardly struggle to get her out of her desk. But you can’t drag/toss her around the room like a medicine ball.

Exercise some poise, man. You’re a professional.


In conclusion, when you toss shitty desks, a shithead student and a shitty job into an emotional blender and record it, this is what you get.

Glad the girl is okay. I’m sure the cop will be okay. Let’s all just move right on.


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