Here’s a quick map of ISIS’ territorial situation

With ISIS jumping back into the news today after showcasing another brutal assassination, much discussion has surfaced about the ISIS situation in Syria and Iraq and how our efforts against them are going. Fortunately, MSNBC threw this little map up on the Twitters; it shows us a nice geographical look at the situation.



Interesting. The Kurds are the Iraqi good guys. They’re fighting hard, very hard, but they’re up against it. Much of the brutal tactics of ISIS are with the purpose of discouraging those Kurds from staying, holding, and fighting.

The real thing to take away from this map is that this region is absolute chaos. In the Syrian regions that aren’t ISIS control or attack zones, there are dozens and dozens of other rebel groups that vary in their allegiance and their extremist degrees. The same goes for parts of Iraq.

If we get back involved with combat troops on the ground, which many believe inevitable, it’s going to be chaotic for a long, long time. There’s no simple solution in this region and ISIS sure isn’t making it any easier.

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