Guy test drives Lamborghini right into a nice calm lake



Look, you just can’t do this. Can’t. No excuse. This is like finally convincing a dad to let you date his daughter and you bring her home blackout drunk, puking at 4 am. Like try to control yourself man. It’s like waiting in line all day for a brand new iPhone 6 and then dropping it and breaking it walking out of the store.


Yep. Can’t do it. You can’t test drive a Lambo and end up in the lake. You can end up anywhere else. Run into a cone. Hit a guard rail. Maybe even run over a cat. Those things are all acceptable. But you can’t end up in a lake. You just can’t.

PS – I guarantee this guy had to sign something that basically said “I am 100% liable if I drive this car into a lake” and then 7 seconds later drove the car into a lake.

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