Golfer records RIDICULOUS hole-in-one on par 4

Oh my lanta. This bad boy landed in the rough, hopped into the bunker, hit a rake and ricocheted into the hole. Unreal.

My favorite part of this video is the giddiness of the chick reporter. First of all, these guys are rocking pull carts, so this can’t be that high-level of a golf tournament. So take that a step further to the chick reporter that’s responsible for covering this scrappy tourney and you’ve got yourself a real grinder. She just LOVES golf and wants to cover it more than anything on the planet then WHAMMY, she’s right smack in the middle of the wildest hole-in-one of the century.

Oh and her accent too. Just her whole schtick fits perfectly for this bizarrely low-rent situation that suddenly went viral.

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