Giant bug tornado in Portugal?


Photographer Ana Filipa Scarpa was waltzing through Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal when she snapped this shot of a funnel cloud of insects. On the make up of the cloud, Ana said, “It’s not known for sure what kind of bugs makeup this swarm, but they may be red locusts.” The swarm is guessed to be about 1,000 feet tall.

‘Bugnadoes’ are not entirely uncommon. In areas of high flooding and high humidity, tornado-like swarms of bugs can be spotted from time to time.

 Source: Esquire

Council Bluffs, Iowa.


Mosquito Tornado, Earth. 

Bugnadoes are not to be confused with Sharknadoes, which are a completely different species of ‘nadoes.


Sharknadoes are often found near coastal regions; they mostly prey on things like Tara Reid.

"Sharknado" DVD Signing


But, I mean, who doesn’t?

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