George W Bush and Billy Clinton just being besties on sosh media

One of the most unlikely bestie combos in history is George Dubya and Slick Willy. Since George left office in 2008, the 2 have become absolute boys. They’ve started charities together. They’ve watched games together. They spoken at forums together. Now, they’re floating bestie jokes on social media at each other.

First, Slick Willy threw this on the Twitter.


Then, Dubya responded on the Gram.

These 2 are clearly the funniest, most personable big name political figures of our generation. Slick Willy is obviously the king of charisma and every comedy show since his scandal has done a bit about how he could woe any female on the planet into sleeping with him. Dubya, since leaving office and writing books and taking up painting, has become significantly more endeared to the American public.

Put the 2 of them on social media and what happens? This happens. Totes adorbs. I can’t even.

If Dubya gets on Twitter, I hope he Tweets better than he press conferences.


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