Geno Smith Sucker Punched In Locker Room, Out 6-10 Weeks

Easily the most phenomenal news of the day. Easily.


ESPNThe altercation in the New York Jets locker room that ended with quarterback Geno Smith suffering a broken jaw began as a dispute over $600, sources told ESPN.

Smith, who will miss at least six to 10 weeks with two fractures in his jaw, accepted a $600 plane ticket from IK Enemkpali to appear at the reserve linebacker’s football camp in Pflugerville, Texas, on July 11, according to sources. Problems arose when Smith did not show to the camp, which took place days after someone close to Smith was killed in a motorcycle accident in Miami, sources said.

After Smith did not attend, Enemkpali demanded that the Jets quarterback refund him the $600 he allegedly used to purchase the plane ticket. Smith told Enemkpali he would reimburse him the money, but he had not as of Tuesday morning. Enkempali confronted Smith on Tuesday about the money, and the confrontation ended in a punch and a broken jaw.


A lot of people are going to have the same take on this. The Jets have obviously been a circus for years now and so this happening to them is just about as Jets as it gets. Everybody knows this. But the biggest takeaway from me here is that this simply isn’t detrimental to the Jets. At all.

First and most obviously, Geno Smith just isn’t that good. He’s terrible. Last year he was, for the amount of time he played and the stats he racked up, the worst starting QB in the NFL. Period.

Second, Geno Smith obviously wasn’t in a position to firmly lead this team to a bunch of wins. There is NO OTHER QB in the league that this would happen to. None. Not even close. So the fact that Geno Smith is getting sucker punched in his own locker room tells you that him not starting for the first couple weeks of the season is in no way a bad thing.

Third, it lowers expectations even more. Everybody knows that succeeding in today’s 24/7 news world is all about controlling expectations. Everybody already knew the Jets were going to suck this year. But now, somehow, with this unfathomable story, their expectations have dropped even further. That’s nothing but a good thing for them.

It’s just like the lead up to any political debate — you always lower expectations so that anything you say, any performance you have can only be perceived as a win, as a success, as you being even better than we thought you were going in.

So boo-hoo Jets fans, your team is in the media for all the wrong reasons again. So what. Your team will only benefit from this.


PS – Whether it’s better or worse, it’s still fucking hilarious that this is a Jets story. I mean if you polled every sports fan in the country with the question “A third string linebacker sucker punched a first string NFL quarterback in training camp, breaking his jaw and sidelining him for 6-10 weeks, which team was it?” like 90% would have insta-said Jets. No brainer.

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