French Police Kill, Capture Terrorists In Raid Near Paris

NY TimesThe French police stormed an apartment in the medieval heart of the northern Paris suburb of St.-Denis before dawn on Wednesday in an attempt to find the Belgian man suspected of orchestrating the Paris terrorist attacks.

Two people died in the raid, including a young woman who detonated an explosive vest, and seven people were arrested. It was not clear if the suspect was there.

“It is currently impossible to give you the identities of the people who were arrested, which are being verified,” the Paris prosecutor, François Molins, told reporters after the raid. “Everything will be done to determine who is who.”

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Pretty good news out of Paris this morning. This gist seems to be that the French, after confiscating some cell phones from Friday’s attackers’ hotel rooms, traced some calls to a location in the Paris suburb of St.-Denis. This intelligence led them to believe the mastermind of Friday’s attacks was not back in Syria, as previously believed, but rather in St-Denis.

Upon raiding a few apartments, police discovered resources similar to the resources of the Friday attackers, suggesting that another major attack was imminent. Two terrorists died and seven were arrested. It remains unclear the identities of the suspects, including whether or not Friday’s mastermind is among them.  

Here are several photos from this morning’s events.  

RIP, Diesel.

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