France Is Getting All The Anti-ISIS Media Coverage, So Russia Releases Claim They Blew Up Like A Million ISIS Targets In 48 Hours

Fox News — The Pentagon is casting a skeptical eye toward Russian government claims that its airstrikes hit more than 1,000 Islamic State oil tankers in just a few days.

One U.S. defense official told Fox News it would be “nearly impossible” to destroy that many tankers with the kind of unguided bombs used by the Russians.  

The claims were first made Monday morning. Russian news outlet RT reported online that Russian strikes “torched” more than 1,000 tankers delivering crude oil to ISIS over a five-day period, citing a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. The Russian Air Force, according to the report, also hit 472 targets in two days in Syria.

The claims come as the U.S. also says its coalition is hitting a large number of tanker trucks – albeit nowhere near as many strikes as Moscow says it conducted.

The U.S.-led coalition reported hitting 283 vehicles in eastern Syria on Nov. 21. Fox News has confirmed the vehicles were in fact oil tanker trucks.

Hilarious Putin move here. Ever since the Paris attacks and France’s response, the coverage of airstrikes against ISIS has been all about France: their jets taking off, their badass aircraft carrier moving into position, their bombs saying “with love from Paris.”

Well, you won’t bomb ISIS and get all the credit… not on Putin’s watch. This morning he comes out with this awesome claim that Russia destroyed 1,000+ ISIS oil tankers in 48 hours. Hilarious. Our government is like, hey that’s not possible, but Putin doesn’t care. I’m surprised he reported 1,000 and not 1,000,000, but that’s Putin. He’s unpredictable. You don’t navigate your way to the top of the KGB and become the Russian president twice by being predictable, by having everyone know your cards. You have to keep people guessing, keep them on their toes. You have to remind them that one minute you might be riding horses shirtless in Siberia and the next blowing up a thousand terrorist oil tankers a day.

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