Fox Panelist: Fiorina Cut Trump’s Balls Off With The Precision Of A Surgeon

This comment is 100% a result of the Trump effect. The Donald has made it clear in this presidential election cycle that if you’re going to get noticed, if you’re going to get TV time, if you’re going to get the media to talk about you, you’re going to need to say outlandish things. Gone are the days when you can just talk about lowering taxes, paying down the debt or achieving peace in the Middle East. Nope. That’s not gonna get it done.

You’re going to need to say something that’s going to actually catch our eye. You’re going to need to say that the only female candidate in the Republican field cut the loudmouth frontrunner’s “balls off with the precision of a surgeon.”

This quote isn’t his fault. It’s not Carly Fiorina’s fault. It’s Donald Trump’s fault.

Game on, Donald. It’s go time.


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