Rickie Fowler Makes Hole-In-One for $1 Million for Ernie Els’ Autism Charity

Golf ChannelRickie Fowler is making a habit of delivering when the pressure’s on, and Monday was no different.

While attending Ernie Els’ charity event with several other PGA Tour pros at the Old Palm Golf Club in South Florida, the 2015 Players champion made a hole-in-one, winning $1 million for the Els for Autism Foundation.

Wow…that was cool! #ElsForAutism

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I mean fine, I’ll say it: kinda sucks for Rickie, right? You make a $1 million hole-in-one and it doesn’t go to you? None of it goes to you? Every time a golfer makes a hole-in-one for a prize it’s like a free Honda Civic or a $50 pro shop credit only valid on days that end in E. So Fowler cans one for a milly and it goes to charity? Awful. Really puts Rick Dick between a rock and a hard place.

Like, Yeah, really am excited for all the autism stuff but, ummmm, can I have my million dollars please? 

Gotta think Rickie walks over to Ernie a little later, maybe when he’s coming back from the bathroom, puts his hand out and whispers, Venmo me 500K and we won’t have an issue.


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