Florida man selling his life for $100 million

So, this guy’s story is that he is extremely unhealthy and likely to die in 5 years. He’s spent his life working to build substantial wealth; he has a portfolio of assets he claims is valued at $150 million. He’s looking to sell at $100 million. He’s afraid he will not get to enjoy the success he’s built, not get to enjoy the time with his family, and is therefore looking to get out.

Here’s the video.

I don’t buy it. Something is off.

Source: http://blog.dupontregistry.com/the-lifestyle/man-selling-life-100-million/

I’m not sure if this guy has enormous debt or if there’s some underlying problem to his business methods that is very soon going to be his downfall or what. I don’t know what it is. But, if he really wanted to get out, why wouldn’t he just sell everything into the market? Sell the hotels to people that buy hotels. Sell the apartments to people that buy apartments. Sell your waterfront estate to people that buy waterfront estates. Sell your yacht to me for $1. Why make a video and post online about it if you’ve been flipping things, successfully, for 25 years?

The whole thing seems sketchy. From his “lawyer” to his “accountant,” it’s just sketchy. I’m not buying it.


PS – Kinda hope it’s legit though. I like this guy. Although they shouldn’t say he’s selling his life, they should say he’s selling his portfolio. Big difference.


hat tip to Kate (the jeweler) for the link 

Jason Dufner


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  1. j.wehmer
    May 14, 2014 - 12:29 PM

    Anytime I hear the word “estimated” before a dollar sign I subtract 30%. This looks more like a somewhat clever pitch for a reality show than anything else.


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