Erin Andrews Awarded $55 Million In Peeping Tom Case

Truth be told, kind of a weird story. The whole thing. Not lots of twists and turns in the actual story, per say, but lots of twists and turns in my thoughts and feelings about the story. Here’s how I evolved throughout.

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A) Video breaks, I watch it. I watch Erin Andrews walk around her hotel room naked. I like it.

B) I go on twitter and see what other people are saying about it. They like it too. But they think she’s in on it, as a publicity stunt.

C) I kind of go on living my life and just forget about it.

… several years go by …

D) I hear a few weeks ago that Erin Andrews is suing Marriott for like a billion dollars.

E) I hear Erin Andrews cries on the stand. Hot famous chicks crying is interesting, so I do some research. I find that it was too easy for the creep to film Erin Andrews. I find that this whole thing screwed Erin Andrews up. I feel bad for Erin Andrews.

F) I hear that Erin Andrews wins $55 million. I feel happy, and that she deserves to win (not necessarily $55 million, which is a lot of dough, but just to win on principle).

G) I feel less bad for Erin Andrews.

H) I hit publish and move on with my life.



I would like to thank Nashville … for 55 MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS. 

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