Dustin Johnson have a big week: denies cocaine rumors, has baby boy

What a week for DJ!

First, he publicly answered questions about his suspicious 6-month “leave of absence” from golf. He very articulately said things like:

“Well, like everyone, I’m tested regularly by the Tour and, um, as far as that’s concerned, I mean, you know I haven’t failed anything,” 


“Um, you know, there is a lot of speculation, and there is a lot of curiosity about that, but I’m not really here today to talk about that. I had some issues, and I’m still working on things. But (cocaine) is not one of them.”

Way to go, DJ. Way to face the tough questions.

Then, today it was announced that his Instagram model fiancé Paulina Gretzky gave birth to their first child, a boy.

Like I said, big week for DJ. Big times. Big year. He’s expected to return to golf in February for the first time since last summer. What a life.


Golf Channel; Cover Photo

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